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The Gad-a-bout regular featured outdoor writers (and their columns) include:

  Ray Dickerson (Roaming the Outdoors)
  Sgt. John D. Bowling (News from the Indiana State Police)
  Gary Catron (Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources News)
  Jim Behrman (Vacationing in Southwest Indiana)
  Ron Bilbrey (Indina Slab Masters)
  Rich Creason (Outdoors)
  Larry Crecelius (Crappie USA Tournament Results)
  Rebecca L. Funk (Horses Are Heroes)
  Dan Graves (Misfires and Snags)
  Janice Hunsche (Happenings in Metamora, Indiana)
  Tag Nobbe (So you wanna' catch more fish)
  Joe Martino (Indiana Outdoors)
  John & El McCory (Camping Here & Beyond)
  Ryan Pershing (Great Lakes of the Wabash River - Fishing News)
  Dr. Fred Phillips, DVM (Indiana Trappers Association)
  Capt. Mike Schoonveld (Fishing Lake Michigan)
  Marshall Smith (Notes from Prairie Wolf Gun Repair)